The conformance of love and quantum physics

Describing love is not within my capacity and many legends before have held it with greater diligence than I ever can, but being one of universe’s quintessential virtues that accounts for existence, ever intrigues my observation. Love tends to lack that true meaning in its realization these days and seen with such hollow perception as is, happiness. Continue reading


Why dark matter, might be “Dark”?


In pertinence to my previous post. I would further that, in the case that our Universe was conceived in a big bang, the intriguing question that usually comes to mind is, what might be the state of Universe before the massive explosion that led to all creation.
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A general view of Universal existence


A splendid view of universal existence, Milky way as seen in Lamayuru, near Leh, India


The possibility that someday we understand what lies beyond our known Universe, might be an idea further from the physical limits of human existence. It lies in our inability to experience and understand an energy, that could be so finely fragmented in spaces a lot smaller than 10-35m; pure energy existing in spatial dimensions so small and higher in number than the three physical dimensions known to us, the spark of existence itself. The fragmentation of universe to such contained extremely small spaces may be to provide infinite possibilities for creation, by increasing the range of size manifestations and overall size of the Universe.

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